As a smart home user you probably faced with some simple facts:

  • Smart devices of different vendors don't interact with each other
  • You are getting used to have several apps on your phone to control your appliancies
  • You can't share access to your smart devices from your brand A phone with family members who are users of brand G or S phones

Previously you had couple of options to overcome that irritations:

  • Create your own smart home server, using tons of opensource frameworks and code
  • Leave it as it is

Today you have another option: Fora.One for smart homes.

What is Fora.One for smart home?

Fora.One is a pile of technologies, bundled together as a product, that gives you ablity to:

  • Control your all your smart devices using same app on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS or any other OS using browser
  • Automate your home, regardless what vendor produced devices or what technology is used (e.g. switch on your KNX lights by Xiaomi ZigBee Motion Sensor) with just several clicks or taps
  • Analyse logs of sensors and meters to optimise energy comsuption and cost
  • Use power of opensource and cloud services to make your favorite voice assistant even more complaisant without single line of code


During Early Access Program (till the end of 1Q2019) use Fora.One absolutly free of charge. Most of the services will remain free even EAP will end, but some of features, like storing trend logs of sensors and meters will need to become premium to cover storage expences. Anyway, we will inform you before billing model is changed and we will provide you several options to cut costs or even use free subscription further.