IoT can give advantages to all industries, including agricalture, mining, production, transportation, energy generation and distribution.

Each enterprise is unique and has it needs, but for most of them IoT is not a core business and has only supporting function.

An accountant doesn't see the difference in meter readings  through Modbus or LoRaWAN as long as the data is relevant.

Three main aspects come to the fore for business:

  • Cost cutting (TCO)
  • Time-to-market
  • Risk management

Cost management

Building own, on-permise or cloud, IoT infrastructure leads to leads to the need to expand the company's internal competences in the field of architecture, DevOps, and in some cases software development. In most of the cases this equals investing in non-core business.

As you may see on picture, in our architecture, we managed to localize industry specific components (see colored blocks) and the rest is reusable components across different customers and markets, thus cost less for you.


This aspect is closely related with previous, but also includes analysis of existing market solutions and individual components. We have already cherry-picked components and built architechture that handles millions of connections.

Fora.One is a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the IoT and M2M industry. We do not spend time and resources on necessary education and acquisition of internal competencies - we already enjoy them.

Risk management

Architecture of Fora.One was designed with no-vendor-lock approach in mind. We respect standards and urge everyone to do the same. This approach gives you ability to refuse to use any of components of Fora.One or even all of them. We belive that our competitive advantage is quality of service without locking you to our technology.

Our main principle is that if there is a standard, then it is this standard that should be used. That is why we use MQTT, Websockets, HTTP, JWT and Docker. You always can migrate to alternatives.

Illustration above has colored blocks. Those blocks represent your specific software to operate with your hardware on field level, or interact with your business systems on corporate level, and it is Fora.One independent.

Fora.One announces Early Access Program for enterprises, please, contact us ( when you are ready to evaluate our technology for your business needs.